INVITATION - World Indie Media Gathering
in Chicago during the NATO Summit protests 


WHAT: An Elegant Gathering of Independent Media People for Socialization, Thought-Provoking Presentations, Food, Drink, Music.  In the Beautiful, Salon-like Setting of the Chopin TheatrePresentations by Tim Pool, Kevin Gosztola, Geoff Shively, Pete Fein,  Margaret Flowers, Kevin Zeese, and Luke Rudkowski.  Music by Shroom Factory.

Annie Appel, photographer of The Occupy Portraits, will be taking portrait photography of Occupiers at the theater.  If you want your portrait taken to be in her book(s), please see her there.  Here is a link to her work from Occupy LA: (The Occupy Portraits - Los Angeles)

 HOSTED BY Sue Basko, Regan Burke, Chopin Theatre,  Compass Media. 

WHO is INVITED:  Indie Media including Live Streamers, Bloggers, Tweeters, Filmmakers, Youtubers, Photographers, Indie Radio and TV.  

RSVP: Space is limited so entry will be based on the RSVP list. Respond early and come early!

WHEN: Sunday May 20, 2012, 7 pm - 10 pm (possibly till later)
                This is several hours after the big NATO protest ends.  

WHERE: at the beautiful Chopin Theater, 1543 West Division, Chicago.  MAP


EVENING: Presentations, Socialization, Music, Food, Drink. Early Birds get the best worms.

IDEAS:  Please feel free to stream or tweet from the event. 

DIRECTIONS & MAP:  How To Get to Chopin Theatre

PRESENTATIONS BY: Tim Pool, Kevin Gosztola, Margaret Flowers, MD & Kevin Zeese, Geoff Shively, & Luke Rudkowski.

MUSIC: Shroom Factory


7:00 - 7:30 - Geoff Shively and Pete Fein - Anonymous. Hacking.  Telecomix. Arab Spring.

7:30 - 8:00 - Margaret Flowers, MD & Kevin Zeese - The New Democratized Media as Lynchpin to Social Change.

8:00 - 8:30  - Kevin Gosztola - Bradley Manning and Wikileaks  

8:30 - 9:00  - Tim Pool - How Social Media Affects Our World View

9:00 - 9:30   - Luke Rudkowski Showing two 4-minute films that are funny satires of government excess security measures.  He'll show:  Men In Black trailer and   National Geographic Expose on NYPD Finest.  He'll also show his 4-minute, touching tribute memoir to his friend Joel,   Always Appreciate the Stranger Who is There for You.

And on  -  Fun Time, Meet the Presenters, Meet each other, talking, book signing by Kevin Gosztola, music, fun.

LUKE RUDKOWSKI is a live streamer, Citizen Journalist, filmmaker, photographer.  He is one of the main OWS live streamers and travels far and wide to catch an interview or video a protest.  He also makes short films that are as funny as they are meaningful. He's show 2 of those.  He'll also show his very touching tribute to his friend to his friend, Joel.

GEOFF SHIVELY is a hacker/journalist/tech entrepenuer. Tim Pool and Geoff are founders of a media company designing technology to help new media and journalism. Also an Agent of the net activism group Telecomix.

PETE FEIN talks about hacking but does nothing illegal, because his wife would kill him.   Chicago.  Telecomix agent.  @petewearspants  

KEVIN GOSZTOLA is the co-author of the book Truth and Consequences: The US vs. Bradley Manning and a civil liberties writer for “The Dissenter” at He is based in Chicago and regularly covers WikiLeaks, transparency, whistleblowing, the US drone program, the Occupy movement and other various issues. He has been regularly traveling to Fort Meade in Maryland to cover the legal proceedings against Manning and has appeared on "Democracy Now!", "The Young Turks" on Current TV, RT's "The Alyona Show," FAIR's "CounterSpin" radio program, Free Speech Radio News and Sirius XM Left's "The Mike Feder Show."  At the event, Kevin will have books available for sale and signing.   @KGosztola

TIM POOL is an independent journalist. He is the OWS New York live streamer whose work airs on his own Ustream channel and has been used on most major networks. Tim sets the standard for live streaming protests.  He is a singer/guitarist and trick skateboarder from Chicago.  These past months, Tim  presented at SXSW, the Peace on Earth Film Festival, MIT Idea Lab, and was nominated as one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People of the Year.  @TimCast

MARGARET FLOWERS, MD. is a pediatrician and mother of 3 teens from Baltimore, MD. Margaret left medical practice in 2007 to advocate full-time for single payer health care. Margaret is a co-host on Clearing the FOG (Forces Of Greed) a show aired on We Act Radio an AM station in Washington, DC. Margaret was an organizer of the Occupation of Washington, DC at Freedom Plaza. She served as Congressional Fellow for Physicians for a National Health Programand is on the board of Healthcare-Now. She is co-director of She has organized and participated in protests for health care, peace and economic justice which have included arrests for nonviolent resistance.   

KEVIN ZEESE, J.D. is a lawyer from Baltimore, MD with more than 30 years experience of writing, speaking and advocacy across a broad range of issues around peace, justice and democracy. Kevin is a co-host on Clearing the FOG (Forces Of Greed) a show aired on We Act Radio an AM station in Washington, DC. Kevin was an organizer of theOccupation of Washington, DC at Freedom Plaza. Other recent organizing efforts include the Sounds of Resistance concert and protest against Bank of America and Stop These Wars/Expose the Lies/Free Bradley Manning last December and March. He is the co-director of, the director, and on the steering committee of the Bradley Manning Support Network. He also serves on the boards of independent, daily newsletter LUV NewsVelvet Revolution and Common Sense for Drug Policy.